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Standard Packaging

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

While i Logistics USA's standard packaging offers are FREE and will ensure your orders are delivered safely, we understand that some products may fit better in custom packaging containers. Custom packaging materials need to be shipped to our fulfillment center and stored as an item (part of your inventory).

Reminder: Orders containing products with no packaging preferences set, will move to on-hold status and will not be fulfilled.

Download our list of our standard packaging;

Download PDF • 2.04MB

Important Note:

In addition to the standard packaging materials described in this article, each shipment includes KRAFT PAPER and AIR PILLOW. Does not include packaging for fragile merchandise. At i Logistics USA we constantly review our selection of envelopes to make sure we meet the needs of our merchant. Soon we will announce a selection of boxes that we will include within our standard packaging,

Ship in Own Container is a type of packaging where the package’s design makes it possible for it to be shipped to the customer in the same packaging it arrived at i Logistics USA. Please be aware that if multiple ship in own container items are part of the same order, final box type will depend on the discretion of our fulfillment associates.

Important notes and limitations:

  1. We don't accept custom mailers that are larger than 18 inches in length or wider than 14 inches.

  2. Custom boxes or mailers must be at least 6 inches by 4 inches.

  3. Custom boxes must have a flat side that is at least 6 inches by 4 inches for the placement of a shipping label.

  4. Custom boxes cannot contain any markings that signify they contain hazardous material without written prior approval by i Logistics USA.

  5. Any special boxes that require folding of inserts or more than 8 folds must go through kitting.

Help us avoid pricing or shipping inconsistencies by updating your packaging preferences.

If you have more questions, contact us by WhatsApp at +17863274369 and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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