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Remove Inventory

Updated: May 19

In the event that you decide to withdraw the merchandise from our warehouse, for any reason;

  1. Discontinued selling a specific sku(s).

  2. Product expired.

  3. Product is defected.

  4. Client request.

  5. Donations, etc.

i Logistics USA charges a fee for the service, you must place a regular order on its portal and give instructions on how you want your merchandise to be packed.

  • All pending invoices must be fully paid before the store gets disconnected and the entire inventory released from the facility. That could mean cost to prep the products for withdrawal, each pick will be charged according to the actual status on storage, meaning:

a. If located in bins: $0.10/each pick.

b. If located in boxes: $5.00/per box out.

c. If located in pallets: $15.00/per pallet out.

d. If you need box: $3.00 to $7.00/per box.

e. If you need palletized: $25.00/per pallet.

f. If you need documentation or special labels: $1.00 per sheet/label.

g. If you need any special work: $45.00/per hour.

h. If a dumpster needs to be ordered additional dumpster fee applies.

i. If you need to send to a domestic location we can quote.

j. We do not ship removal orders to international locations.

Note 1: You must request this order at least 10 to 15 days before the end of the month.

Note 2: If you request this order on the 1st of the month, you must pay full storage for the current month.

You should note that:

a. Storage will be billed monthly, every first day of each month.

b. Orders will be billed weekly, every Saturday of every week.

c. Any late payments will trigger a fee of $ 100.00 per invoice due.

Before sending the merchandise to the ilogistics USA warehouse, you should consider the following:

  1. Do not sell or sell less than 10 orders in a period of 90 days after the arrival of the merchandise to our warehouse, the Recipient makes the decision to request the withdrawal of the merchandise from the warehouse, before you must pay all your invoices to be able to request the pick up.

  2. After 45 days without answering emails, calls or texts, the Customer leaves the merchandise in payment and the Recipient takes control of the merchandise, it will be auctioned to be able to recover the pending invoices.

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