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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

i Logistics USA is 100% operational and will continue to be unless there is a complete government shut-down. We have taken steps since early January to ensure all client orders will continue to be processed throughout the duration of this public crisis.

i Logistics USA COVID-19 Company and Employee Plan:

1. i Logistics USA has in place a personal workspace hygiene plan for each employee to keep hands clean, face masks on and clean, and social distance constantly. i Logistics USA also keeps plenty of hand-sanitizer available for everyone.

2. Employees self-monitor themselves prior to coming into work, and employee temperature is taken at the start of each day.

3. Each position at i Logistics USA works within a Triangle position. There is always a Lead, Back-up and Safety Net person available for each position. This avoids having exposure in any given area, and ensures work will continue to get completed.

4. i Logistics USA has two local temp employment agencies on standby should we run into labor shortages due to the virus. These are companies with contract employees we have worked with in the past and know they are capable of helping if needed.

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